speak out & spread love

Spout is the only app that empowers users to heal each other and the planet. The app helps your actual voice and the sounds of your life be shared across the world. It’s about give and take. Spout works on a system of give and take and it’s important that everyone is heard, this is why it is required to listen before you speak. Spout allows you to shuffle the world and easily add to the conversation.

Before you speak, listen, and by listening you can heal the world around you. The app uses your content to deliver hope and sustainability to those who need it most. This help comes by way of clean drinking water and other charitable donations.

honest conversation

There are no profiles and no followers with Spout. There is only a community of people who seek an honest conversation. Spout empowers you to be your genuine self online. Spout uses community content to generate ad revenue. 100% of that revenue is used to help generate clean water solutions for those in need.

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