17th Street Design

is about creative lifestyles and genuine personality. As a design team, it is our mission to produce a premium magazine and clothing collection that serves to capture the artistry, boldness, and creativity of our generation. 17th Street is inspired by the alternative minds and their passion for dreaming big and redefining the standard. 
Established in 2013, 17th is the brainchild of 2 brothers and a best friend who share a common desire to distinctively express themselves. Each having grown up in South Florida, the foundation of 17th street is deeply rooted in Floridian culture, art, and exploration. We are excited to bring our passion for lifestyles, art, and individualism to you.


The logo for 17th Street Design is comprised of 17 pieces that form a flamingo. The flamingo is a unique, social bird that has been a constant symbol of South Florida. The divisions throughout the flamingo represent the grid of Miami's infrastructure. The reasoning being that the geography and environment we live in largely affect the culture we perpetuate. 

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